Energie Pure

Y O U T H * E L I X I R


ENERGIE PURE -Youth Elixir- is a deep skin care & mood enhancer

The nature active cosmetic formula procures daily toning, firming, smoothness and velvet-like effect  on  the skin. Its fluid yet dry texture allows deep nutrition; with a silky touch, the elixir penetrates the skin cells without leaving an oily film. 

Its subtle and fresh aroma combining woody and  wild flowers scents delights the senses while its aromatic synergy instantly inspires vitality, focus and trust : “ENERGIE PURE”.


Pure energy is our vital  mental and physical strength.

It is without a doubt our most precious resource...

Lack of energy will automatically mean a loss in the flow of vitality that gives taste, scent and colors to our daily life. 

A complex, pure and essential formula.

7 Dry & precious oils for a "youth" Oleotherapy.

Seven precious oils are the basis for our anti-age formula, an essential and balancing formula, adapted for all skin types. 
RASPBERRY SEEDS oil is an anti oxydant and reduces wrinkles. GRAPE SEEDS softens the skin, regulates and regenerates the sebum. ONAGER revitalizes and restructures collagen fibers. CAMELINA regenerates, repairs and brightens, ROSES MUSK has a healing effect and attenuates signs linked to photo aging. APRICOT radiates and revitalizes while INCA INCHI oil calms skin irritations as well as restructures and improves cutaneous micro circulation.

12 Essential oils  for a Cosmetic and Energetic  Aromatherapy.

For Beauty synergy are used CISTUS and ROSEWOOD to strengthen tissues , DAMAS ROSE to combat and prevent wrinkles, YLANG  YLANG to regenerate skin cells, PALMAROSA to regulate skin moisture, NEROLI as a skin tonic, BERGAMOT and BITTER ORANGE seeds  regulate the sebum; CURCUMA is an anti oxydant, LEMON MYRTLE oil  attenuates spots on the epidermis,  EXOTIC VERBENA purifies while FRANKINCENSE oil has a healing effect.
For Emotional synergy, BERGAMOT has a “sunshine effect” on one’s mood, NEROLI a skin tonic which stimulates love of life. BITTER ORANGE has a soothing effect while DAMAS ROSE restores self confidence. PALMAROSA stimulates, YLANG YLANG  triggers a sense of lightness and euphoria, likewise LEMON MYRTLE  while ROSEWOOD has a positive effect on your constitution, and CISTUS is added to regulate your nervous system; finally EXOTIC VERBENA as well as FRANKINSENSE boosts self optimism and enthusiasm.